Are You a Tech Professional Looking to Get More Out of Your Finances?

So glad we found each other.

You have worked too hard to let money mistakes jeopardize your financial security!

Our team specializes in working with tech professionals just like you to help you stay one step ahead.

Working in tech can be stressful. Period.

You may have a unique compensation structure. Stock options? Cash bonuses? RSUs, ESPPs, & IPOs? We get it. You will encounter pressing questions most people do not have to endure regularly.

Our team simplifies the details of compensation, employee benefits, vesting schedules, job offers – and any other financial questions you may have – in a way that is easy to understand (say goodbye to confusing finance jargon 👋).

We educate you to make empowered decisions with a framework we have developed over the years. We used to use spreadsheets but have grown up to sophisticated software to help make your decision-making easier.

Work With a Team That Knows the Financial Ins and Outs of Your Industry

Gain confidence and peace of mind working with a team that knows the answers to your questions.

Most firms may not understand your financial situation the way we do. As a tenured tech professional, you should NOT have to explain what is otherwise common knowledge amongst your peers to your advisor. With ten years of working at First Technology Credit Union, we were able to experience the evolving needs of everyone from engineers to road warrior salespeople.

Our team speaks your language. We have helped hundreds of other tech professionals gain confidence with strategic financial plans tailored to meet what is important to them. 

We take a proactive approach to meeting with you on an ongoing basis. You will work with a team that connects and collaborates with you around all life events, including your company’s important dates like stock vests or cash bonuses.


Most Firms:

  • Only meet with you annually (if that) to review pretty pie charts showing how your investments have done compared to “the market” on a historical basis
  • May not understand your unique employer benefits and how to maximize them for your situation
  • May have a bias towards how you should view your company stock based on their objectives, not yours

Living Your Wealth Advisors:

  • Consistently meet and plan around life events; review the past and plan for the future
  • Advisors who understand your unique employer benefits and how to maximize them for your situation
  • Implement a framework to help you connect your equity compensation to your goals, based on your risktolerance


Are you a tech professional looking for financial guidance?

Keep reading; we might be a fit if…

  • Do you work at a Startup or Mid/Large Tech Firm (such as Microsoft, Google, or Adobe)?
  • Is your household highly compensated in company stock?
  • Are you over the age of 45 with a family, single or widowed?
  • Do you already max out your 401(k), and have at least $1M of investable assets?
  • Do you believe in professional advice, and are you a nice person? (seriously, that last one is a deal-breaker…)

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