How we help you to grow your wealth

Are you a veteran tech professional? Do you work at a or Startup or Mid/Large Tech Firm? Do you plan on retiring soon? At Living Your Wealth, we will implement a straightforward plan and offer a range of diversified services to meet your goals.

Snapshot of Our Services 

A glimpse of our services—but we have more in store to get you on track.


  • Retirement Analysis
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Education Planning
  • Employee Benefits Optimization
  • Debt Strategies


  • Cost-efficient investing
  • Portfolio construction and investment location
  • Exchange Funds
  • Strategic Tax-Loss Harvesting
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing


  • Partnership with your CPA or tax professional
  • Strategic Roth conversions and Roth recommendations
  • Long-term tax efficiency vs. short-term tax savings
  • Deep integration of tax planning and investments
  • Planning around Medicare Part B and D premium surcharges
  • Guidance on charitable giving and gifting strategies
  • Help with tax projections


  • Quick access to our expert team
  • Help assess job offers and job changes for benefits and tax opportunities
  • Coordination with your estate planning attorney
  • Maximize Social Security benefits
  • Guidance on charitable giving and gifting strategies
  • Managing Concentrated Stock Positions

Ready To Get Started?

We invite you to schedule a call! Ask ANY questions you may have, and we will ask what is important to you.


Our team will help design your customized financial plan. During several strategy meetings, we will review your situation & goals, model how different scenarios affect outcomes, and help educate you on your options.

You will then receive a written document (in PDF) containing specific and actionable recommendations that encompasses everything from tax strategies, employer benefits changes, investment allocation, education funding, concentrated stock analysis (and more).

The cost of Phase 1 planning is $4,500.
Payable in 3 equal installments of $1,500.



You have a decision to make after Phase 1. Do I implement these recommendations on my own? Do I want an ongoing relationship of focused financial planning, and to help implement the findings from Phase 1?

In Phase 2, our team will help implement the recommendations from Phase 1, in coordination with your other advisors (CPA, attorney, etc). We will create an ongoing review schedule to make sure your plan stays on track.

Investment and financial planning costs range from 0.45%-1.40% per year on assets managed by our firm, with a minimum annualized cost of $10,500.

Click here to see the full cost structure.

At this point, you have one burning question: Will you act in my best interests?

Yes, we will. We do not offer any in-house products, and our entire engagement is based on the Fiduciary Standard.

In addition, we have passed the rigorous two-year CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ program and the Accredited Investment Fiduciary designation. Why? Frankly, we are all total planning nerds.

Ready to develop a plan to grow your wealth and achieve Financial Security?

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